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Why Paul Bunyan Scenic Byway Association?

This non-profit organization promotes, preserves and enhances free area amenities available to all the public to enjoy; appropriate since Paul Bunyan Scenic Byway's primary intrinsic quality is recreation! Add Paul Bunyan's whimsical truth and lore, legendary characters, and we're left with a terrific opportunity to share our community stories and history. Below are a few examples of why supporting PBSBA gives back to these communities in a BUNYAN-SIZED way.


• The Pequot Lakes fire tower off CSAH 11 is closed to the public until further notice.  At this time its future is uncertain, however, the fire tower was recently added to the National Register of Historic Places.  Click to read more.

Click to download our brochure for Linda Ulland Memorial Gardens

• The Linda Ulland Memorial Gardens had a Grand Opening May 19, 2017. Click the Gardens Blog to see photos and read about the event.

Engraved paver brick opportunity at the Linda Ulland Memorial Gardens... (click to read more)

• $1000 Linda Ulland Memorial Scholarship was awarded in May 2017 to Morena Hammer. Click to read more.

• This year Paul Bunyan Scenic Byway maps were snapped up as quick as Sourdough Sam's hot cakes! It was the biggest print run we've had so far yet it still didn't quite cover the increased requests for this most popular local area map. You can still get maps at many of the lodgings here in the Whitefish Chain of Lakes. You can find them in the kiosk boxes at our 13 locations along the Scenic Byway, or click here to download your own scaled-down version. Plans for another printing are being discussed and we'll post updates as progress continues on this project.

• In November 2016 volunteers planted 25 red maple trees at two locations along the Paul Bunyan Scenic Byway. Ten of the trees are planted at the Crosslake Rec Area/US Army Corps Campground in memory of Ron Johnson, PBSBA member and board member for many years. The remaining 15 maples are planted...  (click to read more)

• '...While it was created in part to help fund biking shoulders, the scenic byway has become more than that. It’s a unifying force among several separate but neighboring communities."
Excerpt, Lake Country Journal, written and photographed by Kate Perkins. Click to download pdf (with permission from LCJM) and read more.


Thank you to our Members, volunteers and supporters!
There are many ways to support Paul Bunyan Scenic Byway:

Download your map and start exploring!

Scenic Byway Map

A BIG BUNYAN-SIZED Thank You to Whitefish Area Lodging Association (WALA) for funding the 2017 issue of the popular Tear-Off Map. Pick up a map at many of these lodging locations; any of the 13 interpretive kiosks you'll find along Paul's Scenic Byway, and local area Discover Racks (tourism brochure racks) and Chambers of Commerce.

Stay at one of Whitefish Lake's many area lodgings and learn more about (WALA) Whitefish Area Lodging Association.

Thank you to our Members, volunteers and supporters! There are many ways to support Paul Bunyan Scenic Byway Association.