Explore the Lore of Paul Bunyan Scenic Byway

Well hello down there! Glad yer checking on us folks up here in my old stompin' grounds. This has been a popular spot for a long time. Since way before Babe and I even got here, this has been a crossroads for travelers.

The Native Americans. The explorers. The voyageurs. This is where the prairie meets the forest. Where the hardwoods meet the pines. And, once upon a time, where civilization met the wilderness.

Ah, that was my time. The Good Old Days. Loggin’ and laughin’... and helpin’ to open up this land for folks like you to come to visit and live. Yup. Quite a history around here. Fascinating stuff if you take the time to learn about it.

For instance, you see that big bobber up there on the water tower? That was me that put it there. Me and Ike the Pike, the meanest, nastiest, toothiest critter that ever swum. Ol’ Ike snapped that bobber right off my line, and it sailed here all the way from Moonlite Bay up in Crosslake.

You can read all about it up there. In fact you can read about a lot of my adventures at the various stops along the Byway. I can’t wait to tell you about Ole the Blacksmith and his Loopy Log Train. Or how Breezy Point got its name. Or about my old pal, Tim Burr.

But that’s not all you’ll find on the Byway. You’ll see some wonderful sights, and learn a whole bunch of interesting stuff about this area’s Legacy of Lakes, Land and Lore. I’ll be handlin’ the Lore part.

Y’know, I see alot of bicycles on the trail. You guys sure dress funny these days. Did you ever hear the one about my Bicycle Built for Seven? Seven across, that is. See, I had Ole smithy up these seven bicycle seats, hooked up to seven giant sawblades, hooked up to seven pairs of pedals.

Then I put my seven giant lumberjacks, Elmer... yeah, they’re all named Elmer, but that’s another story. So, I put all seven Elmers on the bicylce seats— you know, up on top of the sawblades— and told ‘em to pedal like crazy.

Well, those blades were whizzin’ away so fast, I could feed a whole big log through and get perfect boards in one swoop. It worked great! Didn’t last long, though. The Elmers chickened out. Said it made ’em nervous for some reason. Go figure.

Anyhow, nice to see you out and about. Enjoy your trip on the trail. And if you have some time, why not join Babe and I, and visit some of the stops along the Scenic Byway. I’ve got plenty of tall tales to tell, and there’s plenty to see and do. It’s a really fun way to Explore the Lore!