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There has been a change over in the Paul Bunyan Scenic Byway Association's board of directors. Thank you to retired board members Ron Heil and Ryan Sjoblad. We appreciate your service.
Paddling is a great way to enjoy the many lakes and streams in the area.
Thanks to a coalition of efforts among representatives of the Paul Bunyan Scenic Byway Association, MnDOT‘s District 3 Leadership and staff, county highway department representatives and Congressma
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"...I believe the county is the right one to own this because it sits on a 40-acre parcel of land that is a working forest," [Paul Thiede] said. "The cities don't have a forestry plan.
White-tailed Ptarmigan. Photo: Autumn Sky Photography/Alamy
Paul Bunyan's Giant Duck tracks were always easy to spot along the
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Now is the time to talk to kids about the dangers of thin ice. As temperatures continue to dip below freezing, ice is forming on many lakes, ponds and rivers.
Motorist and Biker alert! A big change happened along the Paul Bunyan Scenic Byway.  
Its Christmas Bird Count season again! This year the count at Uppgaard Wildlife Management Area is Saturday December 30.  (click for Google Map)
Paul and his sawyers, all burly and plaid, Had just sipped the last of the coffee they had   When back of the cook shack a noise to beat all,
Scenic Byway Chair, Cindy Nelson awarded Member/volunteer Mary Plein with a special "No Tall Tale" Award for her Bunyan-sized efforts supporting the Byway.
Volunteerism is a long-standing and critical part of the fabric of living in communities all across the U.S.
Ruth Schwieters received a handy pocket-sized vacation diary. Perfect timing for your next winter getaway. Love your plaid cap and vest, Ruth!
The evening ended with a few small Thank You gifts and a humorous Paul Bunyan Tall Tale story time narrated by board members, Rod Nelson and Carol Ottoson. 
Keynote Speaker and Minnesota Master Naturalist, Peggy Fowler, introduced guests to the mysterious and strangely beautiful world of fungi, lichen and mushrooms.
At the 19th Annual Meeting on Nov. 15th guest speakers, Scenic Byway Partners and Member/Volunteers presented fun, amazing and inspirational facts, reports and stories.
this year's Traveling Trophy Winner, Mary Badger, admiring the coveted "Billy Bass Award".
On Nov. 15th a cheery gathering of plaid-clad members of the Paul Bunyan Scenic Byway met for its 19th Annual Meeting.
"...Bumble bees, because of their size and strength, perform what's
Public input given for Loon Center Web posted September 12, 2017
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