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If you find some Paul Bunyan stuff way back in a remote corner of a closet, up in the garage rafters, packed in a box in the basement or under the bed in that extra room...

  • To celebrate the shoulder paving along CSAH #11, completed just before school started, the Paul Bunyan Scenic Byway Association held a dedication ceremony on the Pequot Lakes city hall lawn on

America's Byways, a collection of nearly one hundred premier routes in the nation, is managed by the US National Scenic Byways Program and America's Byways Resource Center.

Close your eyes. Imagine…Pepsi. See it? Of course you do. The shape of the logo, the colors, the design of the letters in the word. Now try this quiz.

Proposed schedule. Please contact locations for details.

As of June 1, 2003, the Paul Bunyan Scenic Byway website will look as fresh and fine as spring itself!

  • MOT Tourism director, John Edman, will be touring the Byway in May with Byway board members John Pierron and Dave Badger.

Is the real Paul in Bemidji or Brainerd, or -gasp!, Canada?! Is the theme-park talking Paul moving?

“What you’ve done with the Byway is make more people aware of so many places in the area that we just didn’t know anything about before.”