Association News

  • MOT Tourism director, John Edman, will be touring the Byway in May with Byway board members John Pierron and Dave Badger.

Is the real Paul in Bemidji or Brainerd, or -gasp!, Canada?! Is the theme-park talking Paul moving?

“What you’ve done with the Byway is make more people aware of so many places in the area that we just didn’t know anything about before.”

Here are the winners of the byway raffle drawing held on September 13. Many thanks to all who helped with the raffle and those that purchased tickets.

- The Paul Bunyan Scenic Byway, along with many other sites and stories are featured in Mark Rustad's coffee table book, Brainerd Bound. Purchase this great book for yourself or as a gift!

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Grants and matches, grants and matches… they go together like love and marriage. Similarly, success is directly tied to the level of commitment and energy invested.

Here a Paul; there a Paul; everywhere a Paul!