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Have you heard about the life vest that’s being designed to be so big it’ll actually fit Paul Bunyan?  There’s a way to find out more about it.

In one way or another, most of us do it every day. We support what we enjoy.

The website is It’s relaunched.  It’s more user-friendly.

The Paul Bunyan Scenic Byway Association (PBSB), together with Lake Country Scenic Byway

Years ago Paul Bunyan walked all over the area, felling trees and moving timber.

No Ox Can Fly!

Paul and his sawyers, all burly and plaid,
Had just sipped the last of the coffee they had

“The Paul Bunyan Scenic Byway is comprised of county roads that feel like home because they are your home.

A crowd, many dressed in red and black plaid, gathered at Breezy Point Resort's Marina II lakeside restaurant to celebrate another year of successful partnerships for the Paul Bunyan Scenic Byway A

Paul Bunyan may be the biggest, burliest logger to ever swing an ax, but his wardrobe story is never told more brilliantly or hilariously than through the talent of a certainly non-burly storytelle

Crow Wing County Commissioner, Paul Thiede, has been invited by Minnesota Scenic Byways Coordinator, Mark Anderson, to speak at the 2009 Minnesota State Scenic Byways Workshop on W