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This year walking in a winter wonderland is more than a good tune. It’s a daily opportunity. The Paul Bunyan Scenic Byway is a great place to exercise that opportunity.

Scenic byways can apply for up to $200,000 for any one project each year. They can also apply for smaller grant amounts and multiple projects.

Series Three Decks are still Available! Paul Bunyan and his most colorful logging camp characters have found their way onto this third deck of playing cards printed by the Paul Bun

Why should I join? What do I get out of it? Those questions go through our heads every time any organization seeks our membership.

  • The Paul Bunyan Scenic Byway will be included in a 2003 publication by Lake Country Echo entitled, Trails and Byways

Imagine projectable holographic ‘storytellers’ appearing on demand as byway travelers explore the route. How close to reality is that? Maybe a ways off yet, but the stage is being set.

Byway chairperson, Lynn Scharenbroich, was presented the President’s Call To Service Award on Thursday, May 10, 2007.

Grants allow organizations to complete projects at a real bargain. Total project costs can be shared among multiple funding sources.

In the fall issue of Inkslinger, we asked you what your suggestions were for future byway projects.

Crow Wing County Engineer, Duane Blanck, was honored with a plaque and a shower of compliments at the Paul Bunyan Scenic Byway Association’s (PBSBA) annual meeting at Antler’s Restaurant, Breezy Po