Linda Ulland Memorial Gardens

As a child I would tie clover together at their stems to make a fragrant necklace.

These are Sedum. Deer munched on them earlier this season but they are growing back as sturdy as ever. Love the way raindrops sparkle on the leaves like gems.

These businesses and individuals have gone above-and-beyond by giving in-kind support. Thank you for making the Gardens a real community project!

Resting upon a garden bench, which was donated in memory of Joel Norgaard, Garden project managers, Lynn Scharenbroich and Corrine Hodapp enjoy a peaceful pause while a busy day of excavating finis

Kari Makoutz (Ulland), stopped by with her family. They got a tour of the gardens, what's been done and what there is left to do.

Quick update about the Linda Ulland Memorial Gardens before you head out to the lake for the weekend.

A space to inspire imaginations!

The contractor is rounding the corner to the end of the leaf patio.