Linda Ulland Memorial Gardens

I'm really excited about the addition of so many berries.

Thanks Nolita!  The plants look great, I so hope that the raspberries bear fruit this year, that would be exciting. Thanks also for the great descriptions of the plants, that is very helpful.

Grandma & I took advantage of the nice day today (Sunday) to plant some more things in the foraging garden. We brought: 

The Linda Ulland Memorial Gardens, in the second phase of construction, is awaiting installation in early July of new and fun statuary illustrating the uniqueness of each variety of gardens.

We had a wonderful afternoon yesterday with Nolita and her grandma, Alma Christensen.  The 'wrong plants' were pulled out and the 'right plants' were put back into a re-shaped flatter foraging gard

The seeds travel only a short distance from the mother plant when the cylindrical spikes are shaken by the wind.

A Forager's Garden is unique in these parts...mostly because plants to be foraged are wild, native and not usually neatly tucked into a gard

Click to download a PDF of landscape plan for the upcoming outdoor garden classroom.

Can you recognize weeds among patches of perennials like milkweed, sedum, bergamot, asters or prairie phlox?