Benefits of Byway Membership

Why should I join? What do I get out of it? Those questions go through our heads every time any organization seeks our membership.

Today, the Paul Bunyan Scenic Byway Association offers the following list outlining the value you get for your dollars. With your support, the list will grow longer each year.

  • Development of area amenities, free to the public, such as hiking trails, informational pull-off spots, paved shoulders.
  • Investment in the preservation of the stories of our area's past and development of diverse ways of telling those stories.
  • Promotion of the simple pleasure of enjoying our natural and scenic beauty through the time-honored tradition of family drives.
  • Opportunity to be part of the creation of a multi-community theme around the PBSB route, adding a sense of unity among the 14 Byway jurisdictions.

Join today. Let your dollars start doing good things tomorrow.

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Saturday, February 8, 2003
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Inkslinger Volume 3 Issue 3 - Winter 2003