Funding the Gardens

Another in a series of steps necessary was sourcing funding.

from July 8, 2014 Northland Press, by Kate Perkins
"...In a grant application to the University of Minnesota Extension office of regional sustainable development partnerships, Scharenbroich stated that Ulland was “an enthusiastic environmentalist with a spunky personality.” Scharenbroich and the PBSBA intend to bring that personality to life in the gardens, with a fun design and surprises throughout.

Scharenbroich’s grant application was approved for a matching $10,000, the maximum they could receive. Ulland worked for the University of Minnesota Extension for many years, and a donation from her estate will fund much of the grant match.

PBSBA and the ACOE will work with the University of Minnesota to put in the infrastructure of the garden, including pathways, lighting, signage and a sprinkler system. The University of Minnesota Master Gardener program and master gardener Jackie Froemming will aid in landscape design and plant selection.

The ACOE and PBSBA expect the Linda Ulland Memorial Gardens to become a destination site with tourists, but also hope the garden provides increased public awareness for the importance of environmental stewardship.

Plans for the garden include a butterfly garden, complete with … read more (link to NP article is broken)

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Wednesday, August 6, 2014
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Northland Press