Gateway Gazebo gets new landscaping

Many Thanks to A-Pine Restaurant owner, Rick Beyer for permission to the landscaping and especially to the hard-working volunteers who landscaped low maintenance plantings around the Scenic Byway's Gateway Gazebo, which is located on the south-facing boulevard next to the A-Pine Restaurant, Jenkins.

PBSBA member volunteers and friends, Peggy Fowler, Jane Behrman and Cindy Nelson went to a free perennial event coming away with lovely plants that needed a new home. And now they are planted them around the Gazebo. Later, Peggy and Cindy layed down cardboard to keep the weeds down and topped it with mulch. 

A Bunyan-sized thank you to the ladies for their fun and expertise in making this project come together!

Stop by and visit the Gazebo sometime. Read the stories on the panels inside the Gazebo for a little wit and history. Then go inside the A-Pine for a silce of pie.

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Sunday, July 29, 2018
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