A Kind of Kindness

In-Kind Donations It was wartime; World War II. But, despite it all, day to day life had to go on. When a tornado blew down the family barn, a young soldier's ship-out date was delayed so he could help rebuild the very engine of the family's survival. His were not only family labors; they were in-kind services, the work of a trained soldier, courtesy of Uncle Sam. It was a special kind of kindness, indeed.

Although the motivation is not nearly as dramatic, the kindness side of in-kind donations is still evident, and the PBSBA has been a sincerely appreciative recipient.

From free or reduced fees for production, consultation, website development, photography, legal and accounting services to carpentry work, art, birding advisors, media spots, copying, lumber, flowers, meeting rooms, engineering services, lodging and promotion, the in-kind kindness of community residents and businesses has made such a difference. Thank you!

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Saturday, February 8, 2003
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Inkslinger Volume 3 Issue 3 - Winter 2003