A little more about our Engravable Pavers project

• Long time Paul Bunyan Scenic Byway Assoc. supporters and Scenic Byway area seasonal residents, John and Karen Larsen, have provided a significant donation toward the installation of the engravable pavers along the paths of the Linda Ulland Memorial Gardens.

• Northland Press newspaper, since December, 2016, has donated space for an article describing the paver project and sharing information with the public about how to purchase a paver to support the Linda Ulland Memorial Gardens.

• Pavers have already been purchased by businesses, individuals and groups, and the engravable paver project is set up to be a supportive ongoing funding stream for several years until all the available pavers have been purchased.

• Anderson Brothers has offered to provide crushed concrete for the pathway base upon which the pavers will be installed.

Remember, the pavers can carry many types of messages and need not be only for memorials. When people trod along these pathways they will see your paver's message. Celebrate births and weddings with a gift of a paver to add to the garden-lined walkways. Or promote your business. Or inspire with a rhyme or a thoughtful reflection. Leave your message in the Gardens as a legacy.

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Monday, May 1, 2017
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