Paul-Pat on the Shoulder to John and Mary Plein

If a picture is still worth a thousand words, then there just aren’t enough Paul Bunyan words to capture the value of the pictures, graphic design and even content development on so many projects attributed over the past dozen-plus years to the electronic magic of Mary and John Plein (JM Plein Consulting) of Ideal Corners.

Quickly recognizable today, the colorful Bunyan character and his woodsy spunk were visualized and brought into being by the talented pair, creating a Paul Bunyan Scenic Byway logo that’s captivating for all ages. The logo became a guidepost for the Byway Association’s brand development that followed; a process made easy thanks to the clever ideas and helpful guidance from the Pleins.

Their graphic vision was also brought to bear on the development of the PBSBA’s website. Among all the other intriguing features of the site, they wove in touches of Bunyan appeal through such things as the use of Paul’s plaid shirt pocket as background for the Features menu options, “quotes” from and about Paul Bunyan sprinkled throughout, and an opportunity for users to submit their own tall tales.

Local residents and visitors alike have used and enjoyed the Byway Association’s area maps, tour brochures, birds of the byway brochures and three designs of playing cards, thanks to the Plein’s work. Their talent also led the development of thirteen interpretive informational panels mounted in kiosks along the route as well as smaller informational panels at Rice Lake and along the Wetlands Walk at Veterans Walking Trail.

As if work on the many past and ongoing projects weren’t enough support, JM Plein Consulting is an in-kind member of the Paul Bunyan Scenic Byway Association and both John and Mary volunteer often to help the group with everything from parades to presentations to preparing for the annual meetings. The PBSBA extends a huge Paul-Pat on the Shoulder to John and Mary Plein.

See their website work and learn more about the Byway.

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Monday, March 26, 2012
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Brainerd Dispatch