Podcast series - Paul Bunyan Scenic Byway

Local people telling stories of everything from the development of walking and biking trails to working in a resort kitchen in the 1930's to famous explorers who mapped the Whitefish Chain and even a true story about cows drunk on moonshine. Listen to all seven episodes, or to each individually. Click links below to download a podcast.

Listen to all seven episodes.
(35:17 run time)

Recreation & resorts, then and now
(Addie Johnson and Irene Myres)
(6:02 run time)

Growth of Pine River and nearby towns
(John Wetrosky)
(4:01 run time)

Early travelers, explorers and the dam in Crosslake
(Ray Nelson)
(4:49 run time)

Tales of old Breezy Point and CSAH 11
Betty Ryan, Steve Rudek, and Bob Bundgaard)
(4:23 run time)

Trails along the Scenic Byway encourage hiking and biking tourism
Jon Henke)
(3:06 run time)

Drunk cows and early days of CSAH 16
(Bill Habein)
(3:32 run time)

Highlights of Scenic Byway sites you can explore today
(Lynn Scharenbroich)
(7:49 run time)

The Paul Bunyan Scenic Byway Association is very grateful to the following people who recorded these wonderful stories about our area: Bill Habein, Jon Henke, Addie Johnson, Irene Myres, Ray Nelson, Steve Rudek, Betty Ryan, Bob Bundgaard, Lynn Scharenbroich, John Wetrosky.
 KLKS 104.3 FM Radio
 and Dave Skyberg Productions