Byway Association "Group of 54"

What's behind the name? The most significant membership contributors are noted as the "Group of 54." The commitment required to be included in the Group of 54 is a five year allocation of a minimum of $200 per year. The five year commitments automatically renew at the investor's original level, unless otherwise requested.

As with all donations and memberships, the funds cover the organizational operating expenses, and provide part or all of required local match funding for various project grants. A BUNYAN-SIZED THANK YOU to all members and supporters!

"Group of 54" Members
* indicates Charter member

Dave & Mary Badger*
Bait Box Marina*
Black Pine Beach Resort
Boyd Lodge
Breezy Point Resort
Crosslake Communication
Mary Lu & Dick Dietz (Birch Breeze Charitable Fund)
Don & Deanna Engen
First National Bankformerly Lakes State Bank
Lynn and Paul Hunt* (Hunt Utilities Group)
Ideal Community Service Organization
JM Plein Consulting
Adeline Johnson
John & Karen Larsen
Moonlite Bay Family Restaurant*
Rod Nelson
Pequot Sand & Gravel
Pine River Chamber
Don and Buff Spies*

Within this Group of 54 there is a very important subset. This special segment of twenty investors is known as the Charter Members. These are the businesses, individuals and organizations that early on, believed in the value and advantages of an officially designated Byway and were willing to commit significant funds to the effort. The strong support of these twenty members during the formative stage for the PBSBA, put the new organization on strong footing and set the stage for the successful completion of the many projects over the years.

There are now 54 miles in the collection of county roads that make up the Paul Bunyan Scenic Byway. In 1998, when the Byway was officially designated, there were 48 miles. At one time, early in the formation of the group, it was said that there were fifty one miles in the route.

As numbers came and went, the name of this highest level of membership commitment changed too. At one point it was called the Group of 48, later the Group of 51, and finally now, the Group of 54.

The name has always been representative of the number of miles in the designated byway route. This group will be complete when the number of members equals the number of byway miles.