The Photo Tour - Paul Bunyan Scenic Byway

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Photos property of Paul Bunyan Scenic Byway Association. Contributors: Rod Nelson, John & Mary Plein, Lynn Scharenbroich, Paul Stafford, Kathy Moore.


Starting at Manhattan Beach, the route turns west and runs past the intersection of CSAH #15 and on into the City of Pine River.

CSAH #15

At the intersection of 15 and CSAH #1, travelers turn south and follow the road until it meets Trunk Highway 371.


Just south of Crosslake, travelers follow 3 until the intersection of 3 and CSAH #11.

CSAH #16

This is the spine of the route, which runs northeast from Trunk Highway 371 for 12.7 miles until it reaches CSAH #66 at the north end of Crosslake.

CSAH #11

Turning west on 11, the route continues past the Breezy Point Resort gates and follows 11 all the way into Pequot Lakes.

CSAH #66

Travelers can choose either the north loop or the south loop. The north loop follows CSAH #66 from the intersection of 16 and 66 north through Manhattan Beach to CSAH #1. The south loop follows 66 from the intersection of 16 and 66 south through the town of Crosslake.