May 3 incredible Day of Caring with Pequot Lakes High School

In preparation for the Day of Caring, Scenic Byway member, CIndy Nelson asked for 10 kids to volunteer their gardening help in the Linda Ulland Memorial Gardens, Crosslake. Nelson requested three volunteers to help with the painting of the Scenic Byway Information Gazebo at the A-Pine Restaurant along Crow Wing County Road 16.  Scenic Byway member, Andrew Rudlang worked with the student volunteers at the A-Pine and finished up the painting with a second coat on the floor and picnic table over that weekend.  We can’t thank you enough, Andrew and volunteers!
Scenic Byway member Lynn Scharenbroich and local Echo Journal journalist, food writer & forager Travis Grimler both worked with three students on the Foraging garden at the Linda Ulland Memorial Gardens. It took them all day and it is something to behold. Peggy Fowler, Minnesota Master Naturalist, worked on one of the wild flower gardens with another six student volunteerss. USACE Crosslake Recreation Area Supervisory Ranger, Corrine Hodapp worked with Scenic Byway members Carol Ottoson and CIndy Nelson on some of the smaller gardens.  At one point for an hour or so another 10 student volunteers arrived to help from the Crosslake Community Center project that they finished early. All totaled we figured there was a total of 70 volunteer hours served in that 5 hour time period.   Great job everyone!
Plans for more painting before Memorial Day, this time the kiosk at Breezy Point City Hall.

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Friday, May 4, 2018
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