New garden features will talk!

The Linda Ulland Memorial Gardens (LUMG project is a unique set of representational gardens. Some examples within the garden design are forest foraging, wildflower/butterfly gardens, deer resistant garden plantings, ‘house’ garden highlighting houses for bees, bats, toads, etc that are beneficial to gardens, and several others.

This project is quite large. Our active partner, the US Army Corps of Engineers, is the owner of the Crosslake Campground property upon which the Linda Ulland Memorial Gardens is located. The two groups together already have about two years of work into this project and because it is a garden, it will be an ongoing project throughout the years. A May 19, 2017, grand opening is planned. Stay on top of news at the Linda Ulland Memorial Gardens blog

Click to see pdf architectural design layout of the Linda Ulland Memorial Gardens site.

Costs ($8500) associated with the development, fabrication and installation of two garden features we refer to as ‘Talking Boxes’. In fact, neither are actually boxes or even box shapes.

  • One is an approximately 2/3-size outhouse shape that will have a ‘peek-inside’ window showing the accoutrements of a logging camp outhouse. But the main feature, the ‘talking’ part of the exhibit, will be mounted on the outside, easily accessible to the public for interpretive audio clips of truth and lore of life during the Bunyan-style Logging Camp days.
  • The other is a smaller version of the actual dam gate originally in use in the Pine River Dam at Cross Lake. The actual metal wheel used to control the gate will be attached and will be set up to move just slightly to allow visitors to feel the wheel’s surprising weight. Again, the main feature here is the ‘talking’ part as well, mounted with same outside access as the outhouse exhibit, with educational audio clips of the Pine River, the dam and the area's rich history of travelers on these very waterways.

If this looks like a project that you'd like to support, consider purchasing a custom-engraved Paver Brick of your own! Your message on a paving brick, permanently set in a walking path at Linda Ulland Memorial Gardens.

Click to learn more about Linda Ulland Memorial Gardens' next phase funding needs.

If you are interested in donating, contact Corrine Hodapp or Lynn Scharenbroich.


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Friday, March 3, 2017
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