A 'Paul Pat' to Lakeside Lawn and Landscape!

From time to time, the Paul Bunyan Scenic Byway Association (PBSBA) has so much good to say about something that there’s no more holding it back. It just has to be said. The appreciation is as big as Paul himself and has been referred to as a ‘Paul Pat’ on the back, ever since the first one was bestowed in January, 2004. A thank you doesn’t get any bigger than a ‘Paul Pat’.

This time the big logger’s hand reaches out to Lakeside Lawn and Landscape in Ideal Corners.

The Byway Association was in its infancy in July of 1999 when Bruce Zeman of Lakeside Lawn and Landscape took his own time to learn about the locally designated route and the Byway program. He not only visited with chair, Lynn Scharenbroich, but also read more about it and of course, frequently drove the route in his day-to-day work, looking at it now with new eyes.

Lakeside Lawn and Landscape became one of a special group of major donors known as Charter Members of the Group of 54, committing to financially support the programs and operations of the Paul Bunyan Scenic Byway Association in renewable blocks of five years. 

In addition to their regular annual support, in 2001 Bruce and his wife, Michelle, provided strong financial support for the PBSBA’s Hiking Trail project that resulted in the development of nearly three miles of hiking trails in the Byway area.

Their support didn’t stop there. When the Byway Association took on the daunting task of using a raffle to raise the funds needed to create the local match for a Bog Walk grant, Lakeside Lawn and Landscape stepped in with an early significant raffle ticket purchase that played an important role in catapulting the fund-raising effort to a successful end.

Over the years, the Zemans have requested many Byway information packets from the Byway Association. When new customers use their Landscape service, they offer the packets as an introduction to the area.

Now beginning their second five year support commitment, Lakeside Lawn and Landscape has proven over and over again that they are indeed deserving of this most heartfelt ‘Paul Pat’ on the back! A huge Paul Bunyan thank you to Bruce and Michelle Zeman and their staff at Lakeside Lawn and Landscape.

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Friday, December 17, 2004
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