Kater Park and Pine River swimming area


Quite a lot of history has been made in the area around the dam. Explorers, such as Zebulon Pike, once camped on the shores in the area of the dam. Thousands of board feet of native white and Norway pine were floated down this river. Look to the northwest and see a hand painted mural of an early 1900 era setting on a garage here.

The Norway Brook Dam previously was the source of hydroelectric power for the area. A swimming dock, built-in bleachers and parking is located on the north side of the Kater Park bridge. This area is one of the focal points for the Pine River Summerfest events, which include the famous Pine River Duck Races. Look for the Interpretive panel on the south side of the bridge and read Paul Bunyan's tale of the Giant Ducks. It'll quack you up!

Latitude: 46.720736
Longitude: -94.400561