Ox Lake Babe

Franc 'Freshwater' LeBlue, Springtown, MN

Babe, the Blue Ox was a retriever at heart, and couldn't resist the urge to search for my lost golf balls. No matter which course I golfed at, the balls always seemed to end up here in the lake we named after my burly blue buddy. 

Paul L. Bunyan

Babe was a natural at this because he could hold his breath for hours before surfacing, his snorkel spouting water up into the air like a fountain before his next deep breath and down he'd submerge, just like a rock.

Being a practical thinking ox, due to his rather large ox-brain, Babe discovered a time-saving technique for moving Paul's golf balls out of the lake. He would gather the collected golf balls into his mouth and with one BLOW the golf balls shot out the top of his snorkel, 'thumpitty, thump, thump, they landed up onto shore. 

Saved ol' Paul Bunyan enough in golf balls that he vowed to keep Babe's favorite treat around the camp at all times, barrels of maple syrup.