Paul Creates the Whitefish Chain of Lakes

Dave Skyberg, Baxter, MN

I remember the time I came across a guy camping on the shore of Whitefish Lake. He was a fancypants little fella, and looked kinda out of place up here in the wild North Woods. When I asked him his name, I had to bite my lip to keep from laughing out loud. Said it was Zebulon Lacylegs, but I could call him Zeb.

Paul L. Bunyan

The giant logger is credited with thousands of amazing discoveries, hundreds of inventions and memorable creations. But Paul's greatest credit of all time is the Whitefish Chain of Lakes and the surrounding smaller lakes, formed by his footprints as he tromped the Byway area.

Keep your eyes sharp for the seven sets of Paul Bunyan’s GIANT footprints. Here’s a hint: look in Barclay Township, Ideal Township, Breezy Point, Pequot Lakes, Pine River, Jenkins and Crosslake. Did you find them all?