Timothy Burr

Dave Skyberg, Baxter, MN

Well, his name was Timothy Burr, a good friend of mine. He was Johnny Inkslinger’s assistant, and he was a curious sort.

One of his favorite things to do was wander off deep into the woods, to learn all he could about the bugs and birds and plants and critters. He would take notes and draw pictures of interesting things he saw in the forest, and then he and Johnny would make up books, so other folks could learn all about life in the North Woods.

One day Tim gathered up his pencils and paper, he told me he was gonna go deeper into the woods than ever before, hoping to find more interesting stuff to write about. Then he tipped his hat and hitched up his trousers, and walked off into the forest, whistlin’ a happy tune.

And that was the last time anybody saw ol' Tim.

To this day, loggers are still lookin' for Tim - calling, "Timmm-brrr," every time a tree falls. You can read more of this story at the Timothy Township kiosk. Give ol' Tim a holler when you stop by.